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20A 20AX Modules


Brushed Steel
Polished Chrome
Black Nickel
Polished Brass
part no description inner qty outer qty
G12 2 way, single pole 10 100
G13 Intermediate 10 100
G14 1 way retractive, single pole with "PRESS" 10 100
G12C 2 way, single pole centre off 10 100
G30 Double pole 10 100
G31 Double pole + indicator 10 100
GBS12 2 way, single pole 10 100
GBS13 Intermediate 10 100
GBS14 1 way retractive, single pole with "PRESS" 10 100
GBS30 Double pole 10 100
GPC12 2 way, single pole 10 100
GPC13 Intermediate 10 100
GPC14 1 way retractive, single pole with "PRESS" 10 100
GPC30 Double pole 10 100
GBN12 2 way, single pole 10 100
GBN13 Intermediate 10 100
GBN14 1 way retractive, single pole with "PRESS" 10 100
GBN30 Double pole 10 100
GPB12 2 way, single pole 10 100
GPB13 Intermediate 10 100
GPB14 1 way retractive, single pole with "PRESS" 10 100
GPB30 Double pole 10 100

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