Nexus Grid is available in five stocked finishes:



Brushed Steel

Black Nickel

Polished Brass


The Nexus Grid range is available in four profiles:

Nexus Metal

Screwless Flatplate

Metal Clad

Brass Georgian

General Assembly Guide

Step 1

Fit and secure appropriate mounting box and frame. Please see Note 1 for additional assembly instructions required that are relevant to the plate type being installed:

  • Pull cabling through frame and strip insulation accordingly.
  • Ensure an earth connection between frame and box (if required).
  • Systematically terminate cables into each module.
Step 2

To fit module to frame:

  • Locate groove in lower edge of module over lower edge of aperture in frame and pivot upwards locating the pegs on the module into holes in frame. Clip into place.
  • It is recommended to decorate wall before fixing front plate.
  • Attach front plate using fixing screws provided or push for secure clip-on. For Screwless front-plate please see Note 2 for additional assembly instructions.
Note 1

For White Moulded, Nexus Metal and Brass Georgian, remove the two plastic spacers and discard. For Metal Clad and Grid, bend the four lugs down where indicated by the V notches and ensure plastic spacers are fitted.

The position of the frame in relationship to the wall can be adjusted by the two captive fixing screws.

For Decorative Flatplate - Before fixing the frame to the wall ensure that the gasket supplied is correctly positioned between the frame and the wall.

Note 2

Decorative Flatplate: When fitting ONE or THREE modules to the screwless Flatplate grid frame, the blanking strips supplied must be fitted either side of the module(s) to prevent access to the wiring.

Front plate should be fitted with the removable notch located over the angled face of the gasket in the lower right hand corner.

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