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Metal Clad


part no description terminal type inner qty
MC5BTM1 Telephone master, 1 gang Screw EM
MC5BTM2 Telephone master. 2 gang Screw EM
MC5BTS1 Telephone slave, 1 gang Screw EM
MC5BTS2 Telephone slave, 2 gang Screw EM
MC5RJ111 RJ11 socket, 1 gang Screw EM
MC5RJ112 RJ11 socket, 2 gang Screw EM
MC5RJ451 RJ45 data outlet socket, 1 gang IDC EM
MC5RJ452 RJ45 data otlet socket, 2 gang IDC EM

Product Information

  • Telephone and data products are supplied in Euro Module format as a kit of components - separate front plate, module and mounting box
  • Mounting box with 1 x 20mm knockouts in each side and rear face

Technical Specifications

Packaging Information

Weights & Dimensions

In the Metal Clad range:

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