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Connector Strips


part no description pack qty outer qty
TS2.5/12/10 2.5A 12 way 10 100pks
TS5/12/10 5A 12 way 10 100pks
TS15/12/10 15A 12 way 10 50pks
TS30/12/10 30A 12 way 10 30pks
TS60/12/10 60A 12 way 10 20pks

Product Information

  • Manufactured from thermoplastic
  • Unique 'snap-off' spine design
  • Maximum continous temperature rating 80c
  • Nominal voltage 400V
  • Fully backed out screws to speed installations
  • Manufacured to BS EN 60998 2-1

Technical Specifications

Packaging Information

Weights & Dimensions

In the Contractor Range range:

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