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Cable Ties


part no description colour pack qty outer qty inner qty
CT100X2.5B/100 L 100mm, W 2.5mm Black 100 250pks -
CT100X2.5N/100 L 100mm, W 2.5mm Natural 100 250pks -
CT150X3.8B/100 L 150mm, W 3.8mm Black 100 200pks -
CT150X3.8N-100 L 150mm, W 3.8mm Natural 100 200pks -
CT200X2.5N/100 L 200mm, W 2.5mm Natural 100 200pks -
CT200X4.8B/100 L 200mm, W 4.8mm Black 100 100pks -
CT200X4.8N-100 L 200mm, W 4.8mm Natural 100 100pks -
CT200X4.8R/100 L 200mm, W 4.8mm Red 100 100pks -
CT300X4.8B/100 L 300mm, W 4.8mm Black 100 50pks -
CT300X4.8N/100 L 300mm, W 4.8mm Natural 100 50pks -
CT300X4.8/100 L 300mm, W 4.8mm Red 100 50pks -
CT370X4.8B/100 L 370mm, W 4.8mm Black 100 50pks -
CT370X4.8N/100 L 370mm, W 4.8mm Natural 100 40pks -
CT370X7.6B/100 L 370mm, W 7.6mm Black 100 30pks -
CT450X8B/100 L 450mm, W 8mm Black 100 250pks -
CTSMW-100 Small Cable Tie Mount Natural 100 100pks -
CTLMW-100 Large Cable Tie Mount Natural 100 250pks -

Product Information

  • Nylon (PA66) cable ties
  • Quick and easy to install with high locking and tensile strength
  • Continous operating termperature -40°C to 85°C
  • Halogen free, LSF (Low Smoke & Fume)

Technical Specifications

Packaging Information

Weights & Dimensions

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