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Image 1 of CGABWIS63_1
Image 1 of CGABWIL20(S)_2
Image 1 of CGABWIL20_2
Image 1 of CGABWIL25_2
Image 1 of CGABWIL32_1
Image 1 of CGABWIL40_1
Image 1 of CGABWIL50_1
Image 1 of CGABWIL63_1
Image 1 of CGACWOS20(S)_2
Image 1 of CGACWOS20_2
Image 1 of CGACWOS25_2
Image 1 of CGACWOS32_2
Image 1 of CGACWOS40_1
Image 1 of CGACWOS50_1
Image 1 of CGACWOS63_1
Image 1 of CGACWOL20(S)-2
Image 1 of CGACWOL20-2
Image 1 of CGACWOL25-2
Image 1 of CGACWOL32-2
Image 1 of CGACWOL40-1
Image 1 of CGACWOL50-1
Image 1 of CGACWOL63-1
Image 1 of CGACXT20(S)_2
Image 1 of CGACXT20_2
Image 1 of CGACXT25_2
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Brass Armoured Cable Gland Kits


part no description pack qty inner qty outer qty
CGABWIS20(S)/2 BW Range Indoor Standard 20(S)mm 2 30pks 150pks
CGABWIS20/2 BW Range Indoor Standard 20mm 2 25pks 125pks
CGABWIS25/2 BW Range Indoor Standard 25mm 2 15pks 75pks
CGABWIS32/2 BW Range Indoor Standard 32mm 2 10pks 50pks
CGABWIS40/1 BW Range Indoor Standard 40mm 1 10pks 50pks
CGABWIS50/1 BW Range Indoor Standard 50mm 1 8pks 40pks
CGABWIS63/1 BW Range Indoor Standard 63mm 1 5pks 25pks
CGABWIL20(S)/2 BW Range Indoor LSF 20(S)mm 2 30pks 150pks
CGABWIL20/2 BW Range Indoor LSF 20mm 2 25pks 125pks
CGABWIL25/2 BW Range Indoor LSF 25mm 2 15pks 75pks
CGABWIL32/1 BW Range Indoor LSF 32mm 2 10pks 50pks
CGABWIL40/1 BW Range Indoor LSF 40mm 1 10pks 50pks
CGABWIL50/1 BW Range Indoor LSF 50mm 1 8pks 40pks
CGABWIL63/1 BW Range Indoor LSF 63mm 1 5pks 25pks
CGACWOS20(S)/2 CW Range Outdoor Standard 20(S)mm 2 20pks 100pks
CGACWOS20/2 CW Range Outdoor Standard 20mm 2 15pks 75pks
CGACWOS25/2 CW Range Outdoor Standard 25mm 2 10pks 50pks
CGACWOS32/2 CW Range Outdoor Standard 32mm 2 5pks 25pks
CGACWOS40/1 CW Range Outdoor Standard 40mm 1 10pks 50pks
CGACWOS50/1 CW Range Outdoor Standard 50mm 1 5pks 25pks
CGACWOS63/1 CW Range Outdoor Standard 63mm 1 4pks 20pks
CGACWOL20(S)-2 CW Range Outdoor Standard LSF 20(S)mm 2 20pks 100pks
CGACWOL20-2 CW Range Outdoor Standard LSF 20mm 2 15pks 75pks
CGACWOL25-2 CW Range Outdoor Standard LSF 25mm 2 10pks 50pks
CGACWOL32-2 CW Range Outdoor Standard LSF 32mm 2 5pks 25pks
CGACWOL40-1 CW Range Outdoor Standard LSF 40mm 1 10pks 50pks
CGACWOL50-1 CW Range Outdoor Standard LSF 50mm 1 5pks 25pks
CGACWOL63-1 CW Range Outdoor Standard LSF 63mm 1 4pks 20pks
CGACXT20(S)/2 Industrial CXT 20(S)mm 2 25pks 125pks
CGACXT20/2 Industrial CXT 20mm 2 20pks 100pks
CGACXT25/2 Industrial CXT 25mm 2 15pks 75pks

Product Information

  • Manufactured to BS 5733
  • 2 plastic cable restraints retained by plated steel slotted head screws
  • Brass slotted head terminal screws
  • High quality brass glands
  • Kit includes brass gland
  • Provides mechanical cable retention & electrical continuity via armoured wire termination
  • For use with all types of SWA cable (outdoor providing enviromental seal on the cable outer sheath

Technical Specifications

Packaging Information

Weights & Dimensions

In the Contractor Range range:

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