Front View

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Easy access of cables via knockouts (20 and 32mm), in sides top and bottom, plus additional rear entry knockouts.

Base, Cover and Visor all manufactured from steel to ensure full compliance with 18th Edition.

Gloss white colour to match BG white moulded wiring accessories. The gloss finish provides a superior finish as well as aides cleaning.

Bottom hinged visor, enabling easier access to devices, without having to hold the visor open.

Curved, modern stylish design of cover and visor.

Closed View

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Stylish Design - curved profile

Side 32mm knockout can be expanded to accept 40mm gland if required.

8 and 12 module versions available with 30mm more height than previous consumer units, to allow more wiring space for fitting and terminating RCBOs.

Interior View

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Spirit level to enable quick installation, without need for additional tools.

Backed-out and retained terminal screws, prevents loss of screws and saves on installation time.

Longer terminal bars, provide more capacity and greater flexibility of number of wiring configurations.

High integrity as standard, allows for non RCD protected devices to be fitted.

Better cable retention due to large screws, enabling greater torque and cables fitted with ferrules.

Offset incomer, provides additional space for main incomer cables.

Fast release of DIN rail, to simplify and make first fix faster.

Raised DIN rail, allows space for cables to pass below.

All screws within consumer units and enclosures are combi style, enabling need for only one screwdriver when installing fitting.

Floating busbar, provides maximum installation flexibility.

Tripod fixing points allows for fixing to uneven surfaces.

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